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Polybutylene succinate

Product Description

Product Description:Polybutylene succinate

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Place of Origin

Hunan, China (Mainland)

Grade Standard

Food Grade, Industrial Grade



Polybutylene succinate (PBS) is is synthesized via one-step condensation of 1, 4-butylene glycol and succinic acid.

Polybutylene succinate

Biodegradable plastic——True green & environment friendly

PBS is synthesized via one-step condensation of 1, 4-butylene glycol and succinic acid. In

compost, PBS is non-toxic and it can degrade or decompose into CO2 and H2O, etc. It is

different from the composite of common plastics with starch which is fake biodegradable

plastic. It is the true green and environment friendly material.


PBS is crystallized biodegradable polyester. Its pellets are white or weak yellow. It have

high mechanical performance, good toughness, good thermal stability, wide range of

processing temperature and high heat deflection temperature. It can be processed by various molding way with normal equipments. So it has excellent comprehensive properties. To meet the requirements of various products, it can be mixed with other biodegradable or natural materials, such as PLA, PPC, PHAs, PCL and starch or wood powder.


 Injection grade (One-time Tableware, Engineering Components)

 Extrusion grade (Blending Modification, Sheet,)

 Blowing grade (Film, Bottle and Soft Tube)

 Blister molding grade (Inner Package, Tableware)


It can be used in packaging, tableware, engineering, medicine, agriculture, releasing and

ecological materials.


Terms Conditions Value

Density 25 oC 1.26

Melting Point DSC, 10 K/min 113-115 oC

Melt-Flow-Index 190 oC, 2.16 kg 5-30 g/10min

Tensile Strength 50 mm/min 30-40 MPa

Elongation at Break 50 mm/min 60-200 %

Heat Deflection Temperature 0.455 MPa 81-85 oC

Vicat Softening Point 1 kg 95-98 oC

Impact Strength Notched A 250-400 J/m

Hardness Rockwell 80-90


Raw material of synthesizing PBS——succinic acid

Now, our PBS is certificated by ISO14855. And EN13432 & ASTM 6400(BPI)certificate

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    Our company name is Changsha May Shine Chemical Co., Ltd. Which established in 2009 . We is an exporter of China (Mainland) Feed Grade Minerals & Trace Elements products.    We have exported products to many other countries, such as North America South America Eastern Europe Southeast Asia Africa Oceania Mid East Eastern Asia Western Europe Central America Southern Europe. Our main business goal is to provide top quality products for our customers    If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are welcome to our firm!For watching more detail description pictures and more styles, please visit our website

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