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AHG858 APG Epoxy Resin Automatic Pressure Gel Hydraulic Molding Machine

Product Description

Product Description:AHG858 APG Epoxy Resin Automatic Pressure Gel Hydraulic Molding Machine

Quick Details:

Place of Origin

Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name


Model Number


Mould Force


Payment Terms:


Close Template: 800*600mm
Mould Speed:2m/min
Heating Power:19.2KW
Shape Dimension:5400*1200*3020mm

Uses and Technical Specifications:

1.   General description

HAG858-V double station type epoxy resin automatic pressure gel hydraulic molding machine is a hydraulic complete sets of equipment of the application of APG technology in production of epoxy resin insulator, the equipment has a clamping pressure, the upper and lower core for holding pressure, tilt, heating, insulation and other functions, can be adapted to various types of epoxy insulating parts production needs. It is appeared after the type of HAG865-V, in order to meet the needs of the market, designed out an economical equipment, specifically for strangulated small contact box, through walls casing short core insulation products. The APG process can be more extensive development in china for its low price. The machine adopts the structure of integral frame type,  imported linear guide rail support suspension type movable template directed clamping. The machine is composed of hydraulic system, electric control system, hot plate system, mechanical system components (Figure 1)


2.   The main technical parameters

Close Template size

800 x 600 mm

Mould force

200 kn

Mould speed

2 m / min

Heating power

28.8 kw

Mould distance

250 mm

Open Mould distance

900 mm

Open Mould speed

3.2 m / min

Hydraulic station power

5.5 kw

The angle

0 ~ 5 degrees

Machine weight

6500 kg

Shape Dimensions

5400 x 1100 x 3220 mm

3. Features:

1), The machine adopts frame type structure, good manufacturability, strong integral rigidity.

2), Upper and down translation adopts manual screw pole, safe and reliable, the positioning accuracy can be guaranteed, convenient  to operation.

3), Using imported linear guide rail support suspension type movable template directed mould, the mould is much more stable and reliable, high precision.

4), The hydraulic system adopts the classification variable axial plunger pump adjustment system, energy saving, small power loss, small calorific capacity.

5), Press holding adopts the electric contact pressure gauge through the hydraulic accumulator system down pressure, effective, energy-saving, safe and reliable.

6), Simple operation, convenient use, beneficial to achieve human-machine coordination.

7), The hot plate system uses automatic temperature control device, temperature display, automatic temperature control, safety protection function, high precision, good reliability.

8), The main electrical components are imported, and the use of advanced contactless switch, stable performance, long service life, no noise.

4.The hydraulic drive system

The hydraulic transmission principle is as shown in figure 2 . The main  devices are 25MYCY14-1B classification variable axial plunger pump,DH1-0713-X24D and DHI-0630 / 2-X24DC electromagnetic reversing valve the DLOH-3A electromagnetic valve ,HR-021-2 liquid control one-way valve ,Y-Fc6D-P / O overflow valve ,NXQ accumulator ,2LA-F6D-ABU the one-way throttle valve .Hydraulic system consists of 7 brands. Control as below: the left and the right mould mechanism, the right and left core pulling mechanism, the right and left core pulling mechanism, the tilt mechanism.

5, Electrical Control system

The main electrical appliances are imported, a time relay display product pouring time, can reliably realize the processing process control, reduce the electric core gives the possibility of the problem, and thus more reliable guarantee of daily and onerous task of continuity of production. Temperature is controlled for 0 ~ 399 C, using a large current solid state relay and temperature control table to control, the 12 temperature control loop and motor control is independent of each other. The user may need to set a reasonable temperature, thereby controlling the template corresponding point temperature. Motor adopts overload protection.

 AHG858 APG Epoxy Resin Automatic Pressure Gel Hydraulic Molding MachineAHG858 APG Epoxy Resin Automatic Pressure Gel Hydraulic Molding Machine

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