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  • Detailed CAS No:195435-23-5 Molecular Formula:C43H43N5O3 Molecular Weight:677.83 Appearance:White Crystalline powder +99% CAS No:195435-23-5Molecular Formula:C43H43N5O3Molecular Weight:677.83Appearance:White Crystalline powder+99%End for Valsartan CAS No:195435-23-5Molecular Formula:C43H43N5O3.

    Supplier:Seebio Biotech Inc. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed Features: 1) Chemical name or alias:alpha ionone 2)CAS# 127-41-3 3)FEMA:2594 4)Molecular Formula Features:1) Chemical name or alias:alpha ionone2)CAS# 127-41-33)FEMA:25944)Molecular Formula: C13H20O5)Appearence:Colorless to pale yellow liquid.6)Odor description:Warm woody resin-like sweet .

    Supplier:Zhejiang Huangyan Zhongxing Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed SODIUM SACCHARIN Molecular Formula:C7H8O3NSNa.2H2O CAS No: 128-44-9 Appearance: White crystal Assay: 98%min. SODIUM SACCHARIN  Molecular Formula:C7H8O3NSNa.2H2O  CAS No: 128-44-9 Appearance: White crystal Assay: 98%min. Loss on drying: 15% max.   &nb.

    Supplier:Wuhan Star Trading Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed Product Name:Carvacrol CAS No.:499-75-2 Chemical Name:iso-Thymol,Oxycymol Molecular Formula:C10H14O= 150 Product Name:CarvacrolCertificate:ISO&KOSHER ,GMPCAS No.

    Supplier:Changsha Winner Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed ZIRCONIUM POWDER CAS No: 7440-67-7 Molecular Formula: Zr ZIRCONIUM POWDER  CAS No: 7440-67-7 Molecular Formula: Zr Appearance: HARD, LUSTROUS, GREYISH WHITE FLAKES OR GREY AMORPHOUS POWDER. Application; Zirconium powder for exploders and thermalcells..

    Supplier:Wuhan Star Trading Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed ZIRCONIUM POWDER for exploders and thermalcells CAS No: 7440-67-7 Molecular Formula: Zr ZIRCONIUM POWDER  CAS No: 7440-67-7Molecular Formula: ZrAppearance: HARD, LUSTROUS.

    Supplier:Wuhan Star Trading Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed CAS#: 98319-26-7 Molecular Formula:C23H36N2O2 Molecular Weight :372.55 Product name: FinasterideCAS#: 98319-26-7Molecular Formula:C23H36N2O2Molecular Weight :372.55Chemical structure: Appearance: white or offwhite crystalline powderAssay: 98.5 ~ 101.0%Loss on drying:&nb.

    Supplier:Longhui Qunfeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed Pharmecuatical materials:Amoxycillin Sodium Amoxicillin Sodium CAS 34642-77-8 Molecular formula: C16H19N3NaO5S Pharmecuatical raw materials Amoxicillin (Amoxycillin) Sodium CAS 34642-77-8Amoxicillin (Amoxycillin) sodiumAmoxicillin sodiumCAS: 34642-77-8CBNumber: CB3462115Molecular formula: .

    Supplier:Anyang Zhicheng Trade Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed Hypophosphorous acid (HPA 50%) Molecular formula: H3PO2 CAS NO.: 6303-21-5 Appearance: Clear colorless liquid; Hypophosphorous acid (HPA 50%)CAS NO.: 6303-21-5Molecular formula: H3PO2            Appearance: Clear colorless liquidH.

    Supplier:Wuhan Star Trading Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed steviosin Cas No:57817-89-7 Molecular Formula:C38H60O18 Inositol NF12 / NF27/FCCAppearance White crystal or as a white crystalline powder. odorsweet tasteItem Test Specification Test Results Identification (A. B.C.D): Positive ReactionPositive ReactionMelting range: Between 224.0 and .

    Supplier:Changsha Winner Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed ANTIDIABETIC FORMULA ANTIDIABETIC FORMULA Each film coated tablet contains :  Chromium Polynicotinate as elemental Chromium  75 mcgVanadium45 mcg.


  • Detailed CAS 80529-93-7, Gadopentetic acid CAS 80529-93-7, Molecular Formula C14H18GdN3O10 .

    Supplier:Shandong Hongfuda Pharmchem Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed CAS NO.:C4H8N2O3/L-Asparagine Asparagine L-Asparagine CAS#:5794-13-8 Appearance:White Crystalline Powder Product Name: CAS NO.:C4H8N2O3/L-AsparagineL-AsparagineAsparagineCAS NO.:C4H8N2O3 Appearance:White Crystalline Powder Molecular Formula: C4H8N2O3Molecular Weight: 132.12&.

    Supplier:Xian Avatar International Trade Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed 1.MX(CAS No.108-68-9) 2.MX(CAS No.108-68-9) manufacture suppier 3.Active Matter 99%min 4.Supply Ability:6000 MT/year MX/3,5- Xylenol/ 3,5- dimethylphenolMolecular Formula: C8H10OCAS Nº: 108-68-9Physical and Chemical Properties:MX(CAS No.

    Supplier:Jiangsu Huanxin High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed Hot sale DL-Glutamine(CAS #:6899-04-3) 1. Top quality 2. Powder or capsule 3. Competitive price... Hot sale DL-Glutamine(CAS #:6899-04-3) Product Name:DL-GlutamineSynonyms:Molecular Formula:C5H10N2O3CAS #:6899-04-3 Product Name:DL-GlutamineSynonyms:Molecular Formula:C5H10N2O3CAS .

    Supplier:Shanghai Brightol International Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

  • Detailed Nadifloxacin CAS 124858-35-1 Nadifloxacin -CAS 124858-35-1* Molecular Formula C19H21FN2O4 Molecular Weight 360.

    Supplier:Shandong Hongfuda Pharmchem Co., Ltd. China (Mainland)

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